Did you know that there is such a things as feminine and masculine characteristics in each one of us? We need both the feminine and masculine to live a balanced life. Our society for hundreds of years has places a high importance on the masculine. This became apparent in my first job out of collage.

I entered the workforce as a sales-women for an prestigious insurance company. I was hired, with the intent that I would be stationed in Denver even though I had noted that I needed to live in Colorado Springs. When I notified the hiring agent of this and my interest in transferring to the Colorado Springs agency, they were concerned. I was told me that a women had never been successful in the Colorado Springs agency and that they usually didn’t hire women. They were worried that I wouldn’t succeeded. If I’d only listened! Instead, I heard a challenge and took it straight on. I should note that out of college, I looked like I still belonged in high school.

The week before I started, I went on a shopping spree to buy a weeks worth of cheap pantsuits and a professional looking trapper-keeper. I was ready to take on this man’s world. I tried to avoid acting like a women, especially a young women. I was a cute bubbly women-child stuck in a pantsuit straight jacket. The idea that I could still be a beautiful, young success female agent with her own special personality never crossed my mind.

The workforce and society is changing. We are starting to enter a time when women are realizing the female character traits are a added bonus and are worth revealing in the workforce and in life. We don’t have to pretend to be someone who we aren’t. I was asked to focused on the process and linear side of business. I was taught that there was a clear-cut formula to success. I needed to cold call enough people to get five meetings per week and out of the five meetings, I needed to have one person buy insurance. Without succeeding at this formula, I was doomed. Looking back at my young self now, I can see how my creative, intuitive and nurturing side could have been beneficial to my role as a sales agent and set me apart. I could have used this to my benefit! Instead, I followed the formula crested by men instead of putting my spin on how to sell.

As a young twenty-one year old, I wanted to badly to beat the odds. I thought with enough force and determination I could prove my worth but I forgot something important, my true self. It has taken me a while to forgive myself for not taking a job that complimented my strengths, interests and female nature. Enough time has gone by that I can look back with admiration at the little girl with big determination. I did prove that I don’t scare easily and that I have a side of me that crazy courageous. I now know I do not need to shy away from the feminine side of my being but to use its fierce and gentle nature to create my dreams.


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