Yesterday, a friend of mine shared with me a conversation we had a year ago. In our conversation, I was explaining to her how I had recently started to learn about manifesting but pointed out to her with clear gusto that I was ‘”Still a Christian.” For reasons I do not understand now, I was uncomfortable with her judgment of me and my new expanding mind. I was on the verge of cutting away from my safe and secure beliefs and was on a journey of self discovery and wasn’t sure if I was ready to share this with anyone.

I do not remember the conversation we had but do recall that the idea of manifesting was what started me on my spiritual path. A year later, I’ve only just started on this journey but have started to trust my thoughts to others.

I now have two people in my life that I feel completely safe sharing my deepest thoughts with, the friend above being one of them. I know that God has placed them in my life to help me discover and share my new understandings. I also believe, I return the favor.

I have great friendships but for some reason these two are different. I’ve never wanted to risk sounding strange or not being understood and even to the extreme being wrong but I’ve jumped this hurdle with these two. I think it has to do with mutual sharing and acceptance. I feel safe from rejection. We share freely our love for each other and are willing to be honest and listen.

The strange thing is that I started manifesting this type of relationship just about the time I learned what manifesting was. I’ve always felt a need to connect on a richer and deeper level with friends. I am bored with simple conversations and hope to find the courage to open up to others in this way.


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