I could kiss my mother. Somehow she parented me through my teenage years without criticizing my body. She also never voiced disdain or hatred for her own body. I have a lot of friends that weren’t so lucky. Their mothers criticized them for their looks and they grew up with eating issues and tried to loose weight using fad diets.

Even though I had a encouraging mother, I was surrounded by images of big boobs and tight stomachs in magazines and television and I grew up wanting that type of body. Oh, and being blond.

It’s been a long time sense I picked up a magazine and recently I’ve started to surround myself with new images of the female body. I am currently reading a book that  focuses ancient women and their wisdom. It holds images of rounded rock bellies and enlarged thighs. I am also members of several goddess like Facebook pages. Often women will share beautiful pictures of Goddesses next to inspiring quotes. It almost feels like these images are rewiring my brain and updating my outlook on what beauty is to me.

The other day I looked into the mirror and saw for the first time something very feminine. I saw newly round hips and larger thighs and I felt sexy. I felt like a true women instead of a little girl. I can’t decide if it’s because of the new images placed in my mind or all my research into the feminine.  I feel beautiful and I hope it’s here to stay.


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